Accelerator Programme



We believe collaboration is crucial to accelerate change within the fashion industry – to be able to move beyond incremental improvements and catalyse true transformation, we need innovators to work with key market actors and the entire ecosystem to work together.


There is a two way learning. We benefit from learning about their technologies and how to use them in our business, but we can also offer to the startups ideas on how to be smarter in their approaches to business

Helen Crowley Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation, Kering

Fashion for Good

The ultimate innovator ecosystem for sustainable fashion.

With our ecosystem having some of the biggest names in fashion, each looking for different solutions, our Programme is suitable for companies of all sizes.

Our Innovation Platform is the single best place to work alongside brands to hone your offering and find your next big customer. When you join our ecosystem, we connect you with corporate decision makers in private deal-flow sessions and let you pitch your innovation.

Corporate Partners

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